Realize the Potential of Your Wilmington or Hockessin, DE Home

Realize the Potential of Your Wilmington or Hockessin, DE Home

Design a home addition to gain more functional space

You've made lasting memories in your home and you love your neighborhood. When your family needs more space, you don't have to sell your home and move away. Take your Wilmington, DE home to the next level with a home addition from Oz Creations, Inc.

You can expect your home addition contractor to:

  • Provide a rough sketch of the room addition.
  • Give you a free estimate.
  • Refer you to an architect who will complete the design.
  • Obtain the necessary codes and permits for the home addition.

We'll orchestrate the entire home addition, from the foundation to the final touches. If you're ready to add functional living space to your home, call 302-559-0810 today for your free estimate.

How long does it take to complete a home addition?

Typically, a home addition takes about two to three months to complete. Our owner is always on the job site to make sure each stage is completed correctly and efficiently. We'll keep the project on track so your home addition can be finished as soon as possible.

Call Oz Creations today to get started on your home addition, and discover new possibilities for your Wilmington, DE home.